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Kent based artist Gretel Warner uses her practice, primarily, as a sense of therapy. She seeks to teach herself and others to be unconditionally and unapologetically themselves, whilst closely considering her fundamental aim: to take ownership of her physical and mental body and make these things a priority, whilst encouraging others to practice the same. It is integral to Gretel to create playful yet deliberate work that honestly represents and encompasses every aspect of being a young woman today. She depicts these experiences in todays fast-pace world through the exploration of themes and issues central to body-image, identity, equality and mental health.

Gretel makes use of materials associated with street-art, allowing her to demonstrate a more contemporary approach to painting the archetypical sexualised female form. Through the use of vivacious and kitsch colours accompanied by Gretel's energetic approach to mark-making, Gretel is able to demonstrate the society and time in which she exists, encompassing rave-culture, street culture, social media, and more recently, nature. 

Post lock-down Gretel developed an interest in Biomimetics; where humans rely on natural elements to solve complex issues. More specifically, for Gretel, her interest lies in the realm of fungi. This is something that Gretel is exploring the visual relationships but also the benefits (mental and physical) us humans could be reaping from these magical organisms.

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