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Meet Gretel: Welcome

Meet Gretel

Gretel is a contemporary artist living and working in Essex, UK. Her work is an investigative lens into the transient nature of human life and emotions in todays social media-centric world


Though her work is ever-evolving, the underlying thread throughout her  practice is reclaiming the representation of the archetypal nude. Celebrating the female experience authentically and candidly, whilst vigorously neglecting the unrealistic expectations of perfection that she fears remain instilled in us. Gretel’s body of work combines drawing and painting to help depict a vast range of fleeting emotions that are experienced in every day life. Fascinated by the resilience of humans, both physically and mentally, drawing links between the two throughout her figurative work. Using a variety of approaches and materials helps her explore and depict the transient nature of human life; exploring emotions through a vivid spectrum of colours and alternating between refined and expressive brushwork, she delves into the fluidity of identity and the ever-shifting nature of the human psyche and physique.

For Gretel, her work is a tool of communication. The process is a very intimate and cathartic experience, allowing her to create a space where she is able to confront uncomfortable emotions and past trauma that she often struggles to articulate through verbal communication. The artworks are visual love-letters of comfort and reassurance to herself, and those who need it. Tending to be more interested in times of hardship and distress, she aims to celebrate the dark and trying times in life just as much as the happy ones.

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