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Artist Gretel Warner paints the female nude through a saturated and dream-like lens. Gretel aims to regain ownership of the archetypal nude, celebrating the human body in its most natural form- unfiltered and honest- something that she feels  is exceedingly important in today’s social media-crazed society. Her work is ultimately a celebration; an instrument to empower and encourage a healthy relationship between our minds and our bodies, but it is also a means to inspire curiosity and growth. Aiming to encompass every aspect of being a young woman in todays world but also her love for nature and interest in using nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems. 


Through her practice Gretel escapes the fast-paced digital world in which she finds herself, often feeling a sense of immense pressure. Because of this, it is paramount to Gretel to take time to appreciate the world outside of the digital realm. Gretel is currently exploring an interest in the power of the fungi-kingdom and  and is aiming to  to make and sell art in a more sustainable manner; through repurposing pre-loved surfaces.

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