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Meet Gretel

Artist Gretel Warner paints the female nude, as a means to explore being a woman in a fast-pace social-media-obsessed world. Gretel seeks to regain ownership of the archetypal nude; celebrating the female form and experience through an unfiltered and honest lens.


Through her practice Gretel escapes the turbulent and demanding (digital & physical) world in which she finds herself. A place where the viewer, and herself, are able to pause for self-reflection. When exploring emotions, Gretel makes use of colour and swaps between refined and expressive mark-marking in order to explore the fluidity of identity and the fluctuation of the human mind & body. Through her practice, Gretel draws inspiration from personal experiences, emotions and memories, creating emotionally-charged paintings that tend to become quite abstracted and dysmorphic.


The process of creating these paintings is a therapeutic tool for Gretel; often used as an instrument to make peace with personal trauma regarding body-dysmorphia and mental-health struggles. The paintings are ultimately a nod to the fleeting nature of the human body and existence, and a celebration of our resilience.  

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