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Gretel Warner
Gretel Warner Details

Serene Coexistence, 2021

This painting is a multi-media creation on a (found) wooden surface. Part of a larger collection ​where Gretel currently exploring an interest in sustainability and reusing preowned & found surfaces as pledge to make and sell art in a more sustainable way.


The ethereal composition provides Gretel (and the viewers) a sense of escapism and encourages the viewers to think closely about the world and our relationship with it. Ideally, the viewer is provoked into questioning our impact on the natural world; asking whether or not we are doing all we can to coexist peacefully and sustainably with nature. This painting is the final product of several different paintings before it- finally taking shape and evolving into its final form (or maybe not!) Gretel works on pieces with quite a sporadic approach; working on it for no longer than 30 minutes each time. This painting was used as an outlet when Gretel had free time or needed time to unwind and relax and this is why the painting's identity was so fluid. 


The painting was predominantly created from Gretel’s imagination- taking inspiration from her love of Baroque art, along with natural forms and dreams. Resulting in a fusion of escapism and natural beauty.

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