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March, 2020

Through this series Gretel explores and immortalises the physical  

bodies of those who chose to submit images of their bodies. Anyone over the age of 20 was invited to join in; all that was required was that those who wanted to be involved needed to share an image of their choice and a paragraph to coincide with the image. This provided Gretel with an insight into the relationship they have with their body, which ultimately informed the painting Gretel created. 

The series explores the vulnerability and strength of others, with the fundamental aim of helping these individuals begin to accept (or reaffirm if they are comfortable with this already) that every body is different, but every body is entitled to be loved and celebrated, regardless of shape, size, colour or age. This is something Gretel struggles to accept herself, so this series is also self-soothing- hence ‘…My Body’.

The most significant aim in this series is to ensure that the narratives of each individual is visible in the painting. Gretel has encompassed the struggles and tribulations that (some) have confronted in their past and present lives. These traumas are present in the paintings, but in a way that does not dwell on the darkness- it celebrates it. Through creating these paintings Gretel wishes to show others that their bodies deserve to be recognised and celebrated, and ultimately worth of being immortalised. 

Your Body, My Body: Projects
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