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June, 2018

Through this project Gretel was able to explore sensitive, personal and political matters; demonstrating sensitivity and emotion through the type of marks she chose to make. In order to communicate Gretel's ideas and experiences she made use of whatever method or practice that felt most appropriate; which happened to be materials and equipment associated with street-art and ‘tagging’. This allowed Gretel to demonstrate a more contemporary approach to painting the female body, with the use of vivacious and kitsch colours and neon lights. There is something very political about graffiti and the idea of permission, which complements the themes and subjects central to her work, making the use of these materials entirely appropriate. 

In this project Gretel focused on woman-hood; closely considering body-image and the complexities of identity. Exploring the concept of an individual having one entity but multiple selves. The idea of physical and digital existence is scrutinised, through using my own online presence as a central ground leading to other areas of exploration. The context of Gretel's work naturally means her practice deals with and explores feminism and body politics- yet through approaching these themes in a more contemporary and diverse way, she is able to encompass other aspects of millennial culture and the society in which she exists. A main objective of her work is to depict the power and influence of social media and rave-culture, which ultimately provides her work with a quality other figurative art does not possess. 

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