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October 2017- April 2018

This series of self-portraits are a project that Gretel carried out over a period of time, where she explored the relationship between her body and herself. On each of the four occasions, she photographed herself nude and then worked from these naked ‘selfies’. Each painting is 1.5 meters by 1 meter, so are life-like in nature- which was very paramount to Gretel from the outset. She wanted the paintings to be like a reflection of herself; initially displayed on the floor, propped against the wall- so that the viewer would see the paintings as if they would see their reflection in a floor length mirror. 

Each painting represents a different period in Gretel’s life, over the two months, which ultimately represents the idea of an individual having several identities, but one body. Through this series, Gretel explores the volatile relationship she has with her physical form, but does so in celebratory manner. These paintings are a sense of therapy. Through physically creating these embodiments of herself she is processing her physical form and presenting them in a way that she feels comfortable. Ultimately, through creating these representations of herself, and painting in general, she is able to express a sense of confidence that she struggles to in the rest of her life. She takes the negative energy and transforms it into a bright and exciting representation of herself. 

Me  today may not be Me  tomorrow: Project
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