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Gretel Warner is currently exploring an interest in fungi and the relationship humans have with this magical and powerful realm. She is encompassing both physical and mental health benefits; something that she believes needs to be spoken about far more, as well as the visual relationships; exploring the figurative nature of fungi. Through this body of work Gretel celebrates the vastly varied female form alongside fungal fruit bodies, also of various shapes and sizes. This relationship is showcased  through Gretel’s use of vivacious and saturated colour palettes alongside her expressive and organic marks. The project is ultimately a celebration of the human body in its most natural form, unfiltered and honest- something that she believes to be exceedingly important in today’s social media-crazed society. The aim is to celebrate but also to inspire curiosity, regarding the benefits that the fungi kingdom can offer humans and the world.

Fungal Fruiting Bodies: Projects
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